Monday, March 5, 2007

OSGi DevCon @ EclipseCon is about to start

After missing my flight from Orlando but somehow still catching my flight from Dallas, I've made it to Santa Clara. I am really looking forward to the start of EclipseCon tomorrow. The conference was great last year and I think it will be even better this year with the addition of the OSGi track. But perhaps I am biased :-)

I will be doing a bit of guest blogging this week from EclipseCon, in addition to Peter, to keep you caught up on the goings on here. They probably won't be as pithy as Peter's blogs, but hopefully they will be informative.

Tomorrow I will present a tutorial on Spring and OSGi with Martin Lippert. If you are unlucky and are not signed up to attend the tutorial tomorrow, you can download the presentations which will provide directions on how to access the tutorial code. Let me know what you think.

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