Friday, August 21, 2020

OSGi Core R8 Proposed Final and Compendium R8 new Draft

Recently, the OSGi Alliance has published 2 new specification drafts with a lot of new content.

The Core R8 Proposed Final Draft is now available. New in Core:

  • Condition Service Specification - the Condition Service generalizes what is sometimes referred to as the Ready Service: a potentially complex set of states that, when combined, indicate that the system has reached a certain point, such as being ready for use.
  • Connect Specification - OSGi Connect specifies how OSGi works in environments where some of the class loading is provided by a non-OSGi entity, for example Java Modules, or Spring, or just a plain old classpath. Read more about Connect in this blog post.

Additionally there are a number of smaller changes in the Core spec, you can find them by looking at the Changes section at the end of each chapter.

The first Compendium R8 Draft has also been published. New chapters are:

Some chapters have moved into Compendium that were only available in earlier Residential/IoT or Enterprise specifications. So while they appear for the first time in Compendium, these are not actually new specs. Also the new chapter 158 Log Stream Provider spec was previously part of chapter 101 Log Service. The Log Service chapter has been moved to the Core spec in R8.

While the Core R8 spec is technically completed, being a Proposed Final Draft, the Compendium is only in its first draft, so the content of the Compendium R8 spec can still change significantly. 

These drafts are available in HTML and PDF formats here: