Friday, March 9, 2007

Goodbye to EclipseCon 2007

Today was the last day of EclipseCon. It was a really great conference for OSGi users with a broad selection of sessions for all interests.

Today we has a cool short talk from Nokia and Sprint about OSGi enabled mobile phones coming soon from Sprint. Neil Bartlett gave a interesting talk on security in OSGi/Eclipse RCP applications. Perhaps the highlight of the day was the session from BEA on their experience using OSGi technology in their mSA software. And we finished up the conference with an OSGi management session from ProSyst.

Wow! What a great conference. The EclipseCon organizer's were also very happy to have had the OSGi Developer Conference at EclipseCon and are very excited about doing this again next year. Me too. If you missed EclipseCon this year, start making plans to attend the OSGi Developer Conference at EclipseCon in 2008!

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