Thursday, November 10, 2011

OSGi DevCon Subsmissions, You've Got Until Nov 18!

The submission system for OSGi DevCon was supposed to close tomorrow but as seems customary nowadays the submission time has been extended to serve all those people out there that did not have enough time ... So the deadline is now November 18!

We already have an interesting list of submissions but it would be nice to have a larger set. There are so many issues that seem to generate some controversy that I would expect more pundits. Some topics that seem to scream for the use of the wonderful soap box a presentation at OSGi DevCon is:
  • Jigsaw versus OSGi
  • Package imports versus Module dependencies
  • Manifest first like PDE versus manifest as output like bndtools
  • Subsystem versus bundles
  • Inversion of Control versus Delegation of Control
  • Semantic Versioning
  • Relase models
  • Extending type safety into the Module system
  • Statics versus instances
  • Services versus Central control
I would love to see an OSGi DevCon where we get really good discussions trying to get to the heart of these issues, it really can help to further the software industry.  Where are the academics to help us find the answers to these issues? But you are of course also more than welcome to submit your position when you're not an academic!

Of course we also want presentations about experiences (good or bad) or that show interesting products/frameworks based on OSGi.. There is always room and more than enough interest in these presentations.

So given this extra week, you no longer have an excuse not to submit a presentation. Looking at the issues that are currently playing, combined with the enthusiasm of the EclipseCon organization I expect this to become a very good OSGi DevCon/EclipseCon in 2012. You're surely do not want to miss this premier event to interact with the key players in the OSGi eco system.

You can submit here until Nov 18 2012:

Hope to see many of you in Reston in March 2012.

Peter Kriens