Monday, May 21, 2012

OSGi/CDI integration RFP available for public comments

One of the new topics being discussed in the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group is integration with CDI (JSR 299). In short - the idea is that CDI beans in OSGi can receive their injections from the OSGi Service Registry. Additionally, CDI beans themselves can be registered in the OSGi Service Registry so that other bundles running in the OSGi framework can use them as OSGi Services.

Obviously, other component models already exist as OSGi specifications: we have Declarative Services and Blueprint. The CDI/OSGi integration will bring the CDI programming model into OSGi, and especially developers from the JavaEE world could be interested in continuing to use CDI inside OSGi. In my opinion it's not one size fits all. Developers have their own preferences and having a choice of programming models is good.
Also, the nice thing about the OSGi Service Registry-based approach is that all these component models work together, so I can write a Blueprint component and consume that as an OSGi Service in my CDI bean. And any other combination is also possible.

The OSGi/CDI discussion takes place in RFP 146. The RFP is a requirements document, once we agree on the requirements the details of the technical design will be discussed in an RFC.
As we did in the past with the Cloud Computing RFP 133, we're inviting everyone to comment or refine the requirements.
You can find the OSGi/CDI RFP here: OSGi RFP 146.

Repository Complex Requirements
Besides the OSGi/CDI RFP, another RFP has also been published for comments. This is RFP 148 Complex Repository Requirements. This is a much more narrow-focused RFP that aims at extending the capabilities of the Repository Service which is part of the upcoming R5 Enterprise Release (already available as EA Draft). Currently the Repository query API only accepts requirements within a single namespace. RFP 148 aims at extending this to allow requirements that cross namespaces. An example of this would be: I need a bundle that provides the package javax.servlet and has the Apache License.
Why wasn't this part of the Repository spec in the first place? Very simple, we ran out of time. So rather than rushing this feature in or delaying the Repository spec, we decided to work on it after the initial Repository Release. That's why we're looking at this RFP now, you can find it here: OSGi RFP 148.

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