Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RFP 154 Network Interface Information Service now publicly available

Java standard APIs (i.e. java.net.NetworkInterface, java.net.InetAddress)
provide functions that allow IP network interface information, such as the IP
address and MAC address to be obtained.

However, the bundle that wants to get network interface information has to
monitor whether the information has changed or not for a certain period of
time. Changes in network interface can be pushed to the bundles concerned, the
need for polling by bundles can be eliminated. In addition, some information cannot be obtained via Java standard APIs.

This RFP describes the need for a mechanism that notifies concerned parties of
changes in the network interface and a new API that provides information not
obtainable from the standard Java APIs as well as the corresponding

The RFP is now publicly available and we invite you to send us your comments and questions before we finalize it and start working on the RFC. The RFP can be found at: RFP 154