Thursday, September 29, 2016

InfoQ: A comparison of OSGi and the Java 9 Java Platform Module System

In Java 9, OSGi and the Future of Modularity, Neil Bartlett and Kai Hackbarth provide part 1 of an excellent comparison of OSGi modularity and the current state of Java 9's Java Platform Module System (JPMS) modularity.
One of the most common complaints about OSGi is that it can increase complexity for a developer. There is a grain of truth here, but people who make this complaint are mistaking the medicine for the disease.
Modularity is not a magic dust that can be sprinkled onto an application just before release. It is a discipline that must be followed throughout all phases of design and development. Developers who adopt OSGi early and apply modular thinking before writing a line of code realise enormous gains[...]
Project Jigsaw started with a goal of being simple, but the JPMS specification has increased enormously in complexity: the interplay of modules with class loaders; hierarchical layers and configurations; re-exporting requirements; weak modules; static requirements; qualified exports; dynamic exports; inherited readability across layers; multi-module JARs; automatic modules; unnamed modules… all these features have been added as the need for them became clear. A similar process happened in OSGi, just with a 16-year head start.
The article is well written and provides a clear understanding of the differences between OSGi and JPMS as it stands today. Looking forward to part 2.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Want to become an OSGi Developer Certified Professional?

The next OSGi Developer Certification - Professional exam is taking place on the afternoon of Monday Oct 24 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. That's the day before the OSGi Community Event 2016.

This is your opportunity to validate your knowledge and experience with OSGi technology and specifications.

You should have some practical experience of working with OSGi and a good understanding of the OSGi R5 specification topics, but don't worry we do provide an electronic copy of the R5 specification for you to use during the exam so you don't need to commit the spec to memory!

The exam is 3.5 hours and is made up of three sections:
  • Section 1 - written questions and answers, both multiple choice and open questions
  • Section 2 - a practical assignment with working deliverables developed and submitted for assessment
  • Section 3 - a practical troubleshooting assignment.
Please see for further details on exam topics, what you need to bring with you and other useful information.

Its US $500 per candidate sitting the exam. A special student discounted price of US $200 is available with proof of student status.

To book a place please visit our eventbrite page.

Can't make Ludwigsburg?  If you can't make it to Ludwigsburg but are interested in taking the OSGi Developer Certification - Professional exam please drop us an email to let us know and suggest a location that would work for you.

Friday, September 16, 2016

See OSGi Alliance at Smart Summit London Next Week

Smart Summit London is taking place Sept 21-22 at the Olympia Conference Centre in London.

The conference is made up of three tracks and a join networking exhibition.  The tracks will have in-depth information focused on Smart Home, Smart Cities and Industrial IoT.

The OSGi Alliance will be represented by Christer Larsson (OSGi Alliance VP of EMEA) and Tim Ward (OSGi Alliance Co-chair of the IoT Expert Group ) who will be taking parr in the conferences.

The conference has two packed days with over 160 leading speakers and is expecting over 700 attendees.

Exhibit only passes are available for free, there is a charge for conference passes. The OSGi Alliance has a number of 20% discount codes available for the conference.  If you are interested in receiving one of these please contact us by email.

Also be sure to let us know by email if you are going to be attending the conference and would like to meet with Christer, Tim or any of the other OSGi Alliance members who will be there.

You can find out more about the event and how to register for the exhibits or the conference on the Smart Summit London website.