Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OSGi DevCon 2009 BOF

One of the OSGi activities we are organizing during OSGi DevCon is an OSGi BOF. The BOF is at the first night, March 23. It starts at 19.30, room 209. We invite anybody that has an interest in OSGi. There will be many of the key OSGi people like board members, experts, and just people that are interested. And ... the OSGi Alliance will provide drinks for the participants!

Though we plan to have an informal gathering, we have a short program planned:
  • 19.30 Welcome
  • 19.40 What to See at OSGi DevCon 2009
  • 20.00 What's up next with OSGi?
  • 20.20 Tell us what you think ...
  • 20.45 Close
I really hope to meet you there!

Peter Kriens

Friday, March 6, 2009

Project Jigsaw #3

We are currently working hard in JSR 294, there are lots of interesting discussions and the mood in the group is very good. I think we can do some interesting things there. It is very interesting for once to be able to have the option to change the VM!

However, I see in articles and discussions with people that Sun's project Jigsaw is equated with JSR 294. This is not true, project Jigsaw is a puzzle to me. I personally think it is a bad idea to create a completely new module system from scratch when OSGi has been around for a decade and is the foundation of all major app servers. Proving that OSGi works because that class of applications is as complex as it gets.

And right in this spot where we could create a sound component model in Java, we fragment the world.

I do hope I can continue to work with on Sun in JSR 294 as we do today, focusing on the language. I will, however, disagree about project Jigsaw. Just to make things clear.

You did register for EclipseCon did you? This is going to be so interesting this year!

Peter Kriens