Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Compendium 4.3 and Residential 4.3 published!

After some delays, I am happy to make the Compendium Version 4.3 and Residential Version 4.3 specification documents available for download.

Compendium Version 4.3

The Compendium Version 4.3 document adds all the specifications that were introduced in the Enterprise Version 4.2 document including
  • Remote Services Admin
  • JTA
  • JDBC
  • JNDI
  • JPA
  • Web Applications
  • SCA Configuration
The Compendium Version 4.3 document also introduced the new Coordinator specification.
The Coordinator service provides a mechanism for multiple parties to collaborate on a common task without a priori knowledge of who will collaborate in that task. A collaborator can participate by adding a Participant to the Coordination. The Coordination will notify the Participants when the coordination is ended or when it is failed.
And there were also enhancements to some of the existing specifications. Configuration Admin is updated to allow multiple bundles to access the same configuration; and extend the security model to allow configuration "regions".

Declarative Services is updated to allow service references to receive service updates; to allow greedy service bindings; and support the use of compile time annotations to simplify authoring component descriptions.

Event Admin is also updated to support out-of-order asynchronous delivery of events.

Residential Version 4.3

We are also pleased to make available the first edition of the Residential specification.
The services of this Residential Specification have been designed with the residential market in mind. Requirements and management protocols for this environment are defined in the specifications by consortias like the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), the Broadband Forum (BBF) and the UPnP Forum. These specifications provide requirements for execution environments in a Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) and other consumer devices, as well as protocols for the management of residential environments.
The DMT Admin service has been updated to version 2.0 with a set of major improvements including overlapping subtrees, mount points, and scaffold nodes. These changes provide the basis for use with the TR-069 protocol.

A new Residential Device Management specification defines a Residential Management Tree, the RMT. This tree provides a general DMT Admin object model that allows browsing and managing the OSGi platform remotely over different protocol adapters.

The TR-157 Amendment 3 Software Module Guidelines chapter provides guidelines for implementers of the TR-157a3 Internet Gateway Device Software Modules specification on an OSGi platform.

The DMT Admin service and the TR-069 protocol have different semantics and primitives. The new TR069 Connector Service specification provides an API based on the TR-069 Remote Procedure Calls concept that is implemented on top of DMT Admin. This connector supports data conversion and the object modeling constructs defined in the DMT Admin service.

The specification pdfs, companion code jars and javadoc are now all available for download from the OSGi website.

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