Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OSGi DevCon, Here We Still Are!

Sorry for not updating yesterday, but it is kind of hectic here. It seems almost impossible to walk more than 100ft without being asked a question about OSGi. But hey! That is a lot better than desperately getting people's attention. But it makes it kind of hard to update a blog.

Anyway, yesterday we had a full program with lots of OSGi talks. Though I must admit the keynote was very entertaining, even without OSGi. The keynote was given by Dan Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs). Well, I let the pictures do the talking again.

BJ Hargrave (IBM) and Neil Bartlett in their Android for OSGi presentation

Christer Larsson and Eric Wistrand from Makewave working hard to get it to work.

Marcel Offermans and Karl Pauls from Luminis making sure BJ and Neil got it right.

Yesterday evening we had an OSGi BOF, with drinks. There were quite a lot of people and everybody seems to have a good time.

Well, today we had the Bug Labs presentation (cool hardware!) and the Virtual OSGi presentation from Jan Rellermeyer (which has recently become our second Invited Researcher next to Richard Hall).

Sprint, ProSyst, and IBM presented the Sprint Titan program, which uses the OSGi framework in the incarnation of JSR 232, as a cornerstone. These phones support an amazing amount of standards. The Titan platform will become a very interesting platform, the first that will allow you to write code that runs in binary form on a phone, desktop, server, and mainframe.

I did not get a chance to to visit all session, unfortunately. There is so much going on at the same time. One thing that was very nice today, btw, was that I had a meeting with some of the Jason van Zijl, Eugene Kuleshov, Carlos Sanchez, and Jeff McAffer and we discussed aligning the mapping of the Bundle Symbolic Name and version issues. Watch this space.

Tomorrow we will have the services versus extensions panel. This morning we met and it looks like it will be an interesting panel. Lots of people are interested in this subject.

Wish you were here!

Peter Kriens

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