Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OSGi DevCon, Here We Are

We are getting ready for the second day of the conference. Yesterday, was (free!) tutorial day and the program was packed. I ran between tutorials to take pictures and see how things are going. The OSGi tutorials were very well attended and in several rooms there were not enough places. Anyway, let the pictures do the talking.

All pictures can be found at: Flickr.

So the real conference starts today with the keynote of Fake Steve Jobs. Then the short talks, Android, Services & DI & Extension points, Android, Building large applications and the BOF. And so much more where OSGi is involved. Last year, OSGi was a buzz, this year it feels like a roar!

So if you are at OSGi DevCon/EclipseCon do not forget to come to the BOF at 7.30 pm. It would be great to meet you all. Ok, off to breakfast and a great day ...

Peter Kriens

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