Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Meet us at Liferay DEVCON

The OSGi Alliance is pleased to be attending Liferay DEVCON in Amsterdam in November.  The main conference is taking place November 7 and 8 and we will have an OSGi booth in the exhibition area.  There is also an unconference taking place the day before the main conference on November 6.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about modularity and OSGi technology, the OSGi Alliance, the new R7 release and anything else you can think of that is OSGi related.

We would also encourage anyone who might be interested in joining the OSGi Alliance and contributing to the ongoing evolution and development of the open standard OSGi specifications to come and chat with us at our booth.  Even though R7 is only just out the door, we are already drawing up ideas for Release 8 (R8) and so now is a great time to join us and get involved in the new activities.

Liferay is an extensive user of OSGi technology and we are really pleased to have the opportunity to meet their community of users and developers at this key event.  Ray Augé, a Senior Software Architect at Liferay, and co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group, will be presenting on the upcoming OSGi CDI integration specification. Ray's talk will demonstrate common usage patterns and its component model that brings OSGi dynamics; like services and configuration, to CDI and provides for an ecosystem of CDI portable extensions.

You can find out more about this year's Liferay DEVCON including how to register on the conference website.

We realize that this is coming hot on the heels of the OSGi Community Event and EclipseCon Europe in October and Liferay is offering a 25% discount on DEVCON ticket prices to anyone that is attending that event this year too.  To obtain your discount code please see the Liferay advert in the OSGi Community Event and EclipseCon Europe event brochure.

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