Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New RFPs under discussion at OSGi

While the Enterprise R6 release is currently in the process of being released, new topics are being worked on in the OSGi Alliance. These topics are currently discussed in RFP documents, which hold the requirements. The plan is to finalize these RFPs by the end of the summer, then we can start on the RFCs, the technical design that will ultimately be the basis for future spec texts.

Below you can find a brief 'elevator pitch' of the currently active RFPs, as discussed in the Expert Groups. For details click on the links that will bring you to the actual text. All documents are available publicly in GitHub here: https://github.com/osgi/design/tree/master/rfps.

The following RFPs are discussed in the context of the Core Platform and Enterprise Expert Groups:
  • RFP 163 Log Service Update - This RFP is about modernizing the OSGi Log Service and making is easier to use. 
  • RFP 164 Authentication and RFP 165 Authorization - Are about providing APIs to integrate various security providers and mechanisms into OSGi for authentication and authorization.
  • RFP 166 Scheduling - Provide a cron-like persistent scheduling API.
  • RFP 167 Manifest Annotations - Adds annotations to generate OSGi Manifest Headers. In particular this will make generating Provide-Capability and Require-Capability headers easier.
  • RFP 168 Configurer - This RFP is about providing a standard way to store OSGi Configuration Admin configuration inside a bundle.
  • RFP 169 Object Conversion - The converter that converts anything into everything. This can be especially useful when working with configuration data or service properties.
  • RFP 170 Managed JPA - Adds Managed JPA to the OSGi JPA integration.
  • RFP 171 Web Resources - This RFP talks about a standard way to provide resource for the web. In particular it's about providing JavaScript libraries and CSS files such as Angular, Bootstrap, D3 etc from an OSGi bundle.
  • RFP 172 Protocols - Create a REST service using OSGi annotations and conventions.
  • RFP 173 JAX-RS - Integration with JAX-RS.

The following RFP relates to the Internet of Things:

Have any thoughts or feedback on these requirements documents? Anyone can post feedback as described at https://github.com/osgi/design#feedback.

Want more direct involvement? If you are interested in participating in shaping these specifications, or writing an entirely new RFP, then become a member. Details on joining can be found here: http://www.osgi.org/Join

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