Thursday, June 12, 2014

OSGi BOF Tonight @ OSGi DevCon 2014

OSGi DevCon 2014 is well underway and Tonight we have an OSGi BOF.

Its at 19.30hrs in Comedians Room in the South Tower at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Its your chance to come and meet with your peers, network and ask any questions.  There will be a number of the OSGi Alliance Board Members at the BOF including Dan Bandera, the President.

David Bosschaert will kick us off with a quick demo creating a project through Bndtools and then showing how to work with this project both inside Bndtools as well as from the command line with Maven.

Peter Kriens will also be around and keen to talk with anyone about OSGi enRoute or answer any questions.

In the true spirit of a BOF there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to take part asking and answering questions, sharing and gathering insights and experience.

We hope you can join us at 19.30hrs this evening.


PS Don't forget its tutorial day tomorrow at OSGi DevCon - sign up to be sure of your seat.


  1. I'm wondering if/when videos of OSGi DevCon 2014 will be available for download.

  2. DevCon 2014 wasn't recorded, so unfortunately there won't be any videos available. The slides from all of the presentations can be found via the conference schedule at