Thursday, January 30, 2014

enRoute Principles

I am currently writing the principles of the enRoute project, which will be a precursor to the architecture. This will all become a chapter in the enRoute book. Since we will run the enRoute project in the open I will therefore use this blog to publish sections from this document in the coming weeks. I actively seek feedback, you can comment in github issues and do not hesitate to propose your own subjects or chapters.

Now principles of software is a huge territory. Despite feeling that I have some credentials after writing software for 40 years it still feels a bit presumptuous to make an attempt to define these principles. However, looking around me I see a lot of cases where working from shared principles could make a huge difference.

In software a situation is rarely black and white. In almost all cases there are many forces at play, sometimes directly opposite each other, that make some solutions more desirable than others. So in the upcoming blogs the principles of different aspects of software development are discussed. Not with the intent to provide black  and white rules but only with the hope that the forces for that aspect are understood and recognized.

So despite feeling a bit nervous I am going to try to put these principles down hoping that I get a lot of feedback so together we can come to a common understanding (if only to understand the different trade offs that come into play). So watch this space (or unsubscribe now).

Peter Kriens

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  1. Hi Peter,
    i am a bit ashamed i need to google what OSGi Enroute actually is about. Now i found RFP160. ;)
    Now to my comment: you should get in touch with our old friend Niclas Hedhman perhaps since "his" Qi4J effort ( is a DDD embracing "whole application framework" though an OSGi "implementation" would be the ultimate grail. I am sure you have heard of qi4j before.
    Just saying.
    All the best.