Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Boston Calling

OSGi DevCon 2013, one of our main events of the year, is just 11 days away.. 
Will you be joining us in Boston at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center?

We have a jam packed schedule with a full program of OSGi Tutorials and Talks, an OSGi BOF on Tuesday evening and an OSGi and JavaScript Workshop on Thursday.  There is plenty on offer whether you are an OSGi beginner or more.experienced.  If you havent registered already be sure to sign up soon.

The conference program Talks are:
  • Modularizing Large Legacy Java Applications
  • Deploying Heterogeneous Artifacts to the Cloud with OSGi
  • Winning the WAR on complexity
  • Managing Installations and Provisioning of OSGi Applications
  • Enabling Smart Data on M2M Gateways and Aggregators
  • OSGi and JavaScript
  • RFC-193: Bringing CDI to the OSGi platform
  • Liberate your components with OSGi services
  • Modularity in the Cloud: A case study
  • What’s new in the Http Service Specification
  • DS, BP, EJB, CDI,WTF!?
  • Cooking up a Runtime with the new OSGi Resolver
  • Master Bundle Buildling
  • OSGi Cloud Ecosystems
  • Practical OSGi Subsystems
  • Apache Karaf in the Trenches
  • OSGi server runtimes – build, borrow or buy?
And the tutorials are:
  • Mastering OSGi with Ease
  • Stack Roulette - 180 Runtimes in 180 Minutes!
For anyone that hasnt been to an OSGi DevCon before then on top of all of this there will be plenty of OSGi experts and OSGi Alliance representatives in attendance who will be pleased to answer any of your questions.  Its also a great opportunity to network with your peers, to learn more about how OSGi is being used, and find out about the latest and greatest advancements and future capabilities that are being planned.

We hope to see you March 25 to 28.


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