Monday, April 2, 2012


This is my last blog on the OSGi Web site ... After 237 blog posts it is time to say goodbye. I'd like to thank the OSGi Alliance for giving me a sounding board for these years. I'd like to thank everybody in the Alliance in the past years for their support and giving me a chance to work with them. I am excited to start my new work but there is sadness that my time as OSGi Technical Director has ended. I've been incredibly privileged to work on this technology, it was a fantastic adventure.

I wish the OSGi Alliance the best. I think the specifications are mostly rock solid and I think the increasing adoption reflect this. The last OSGi DevCon/EclipseCon was a big success and it was great to see how the OSGi service model is making inroads. Though there is never an opportune time to leave, I do feel that the specifications are mature now and the most crucial parts are in place. So to that extent my work is done.

I will continue blogging on, I do hope you will follow me there. I will also tweet as @pkriens. Also do not forget to connect on LinkedIn and/or provide a recommendation.

Thanks for having had the patience to read this blog,

  Peter Kriens