Monday, January 2, 2012

Moving On

A bit more than 13 years ago I was asked to go to Linköping, Sweden to help out an Ericsson business unit to get the Java Embedded Server running on their e-box. This single appointment quickly cascaded into an almost full time job managing the OSGi specification process on behalf of Ericsson. In 2001 I switched to the OSGi Alliance to become the Technical Director and in that capacity the editor of the specifications. A hectic decade followed with too much travel, several economic booms and busts, various controversies, working with some really great people, and many rock solid specifications to show for it. When I look at my bookshelf I see a satisfying sight of two shelves with OSGi specifications and books. All said, it was a pretty good decade.

However, it is time to move on. Not because I feel OSGi is not the right answer, on the contrary. I think the OSGi service model is as important as structured programming and  object orientation was in the previous decades to increase productivity in the software industry. The reason to leave is that I see a business opportunity in the gap between the mainstream Java developer and where OSGi is today. Working with the myriad of problems around modularity has given me a solid background to ease the transition of existing applications into more modular software. And after a decade of writing specifications creating real systems again looks pretty attractive.

I will stay on until after OSGi DevCon 2012 in Reston, Virginia at the end of March. During that time I will finish the upcoming Core and Enterprise specifications that are currently in the pipeline. After that, well, to find out you have to follow me on Twitter (@pkriens) ...

If you want to show your like what I've done in the OSGi then I would appreciate if you linked with me at LinkedIn and/or provide a recommendation.

Now back to work on my last two OSGi specifications.
Peter Kriens


  1. Good luck in the future and thanks for all the hard work you've put in over the last decade+


  2. Thanks Peter for all you efforts. Best of luck on you new ventures.

  3. Catch me on Facebook. Things are happening in Linköping, still! :-)

  4. Peter, thanks a lot for everything you've done as part of the OSGi Alliance! Good luck with your venture, trying to make OSGi becoming even more mainstream, and feel free to drop by if you're near Arnhem anytime!