Friday, August 13, 2010

OSGi Masterclass Oct. 12-15

Neil Bartlett and Peter Kriens (that being me) have decided to hold a masterclass together. Neil and I have been working for some time on different tools and we felt that though there are are lots of introductory tutorials there are no places where you can learn in-depth about using (and designing with) OSGi. Together we have quite a bit of experience in the area and we can cover quite a lot of ground.

We intend to run this masterclass very hands on. With the group we will analyze use cases (your use cases are welcome), design a solution, and create prototypes. We intend to cover a lot of different areas: service based design, distributed OSGi, persistence, GUIs, etc. As tool we will be using Neil's bndtools. If you feel not completely sure about your basic OSGi knowledge, we have an introductory day to bring you up to speed.

To keep the cost down, we've organized this masterclass in a hotel near the Girona airport. Girona is very well connected to most European cities because it is a Ryanair and Easyjet hub. Also the price of the masterclass is kept low and the class is limited to 20 people. To top it off, there is also a discount when you register before September 15.

So, consider participating because I am sure about one thing: it will be an interesting masterclass!


  1. It would be great if the masterclass was transmitted, or, at least, recorded.

  2. Well, likely not this time unless someone would sponsor this ... It adds a quite a bit to the cost to video such an event. But I will surely make pictures. :-)