Thursday, August 19, 2010

OSGi Community Event Sept. 29-30 in London

Just a small reminder that you still have to register for the OSGi Community Event, September 29-30 in London! We really have a very strong program this year, there are lots of very interesting presentations. From the program it is clear that OSGi is maturing in many verticals of the software industry. From the Appstore for the connected home market to the enterprise application twins Apache Aries and and Eclipse Virgo, it is clear that OSGi provides a modularity solution that transcends the silos in our industry.

OSGi provides the solid foundation that is needed when applications grow in size, as applications always do. After a certain scale, strong modularity becomes a necessity to stay on top of the complexity. The community event is an excellent opportunity to learn a software technology that will become increasingly important in the next few years.

The program at the event is interesting for many different people. For beginners because there are tutorials for building enterprise applications, handling dependencies (the hallmark of any large software system), and bndtools (an Eclipse based development tool for OSGi bundles). For experts, because some of the presentations take a deep dive in the complexity of componentizing large systems, providing insights in the problems as well as providing guidance towards solving these problems. There will also be plenty of presentations providing guidance how to modularize your existing applications. And for business people because several presentations take a good look at the business cases for OSGi. The planned sessions are:
And of course as the moderator, I have to invite you to a panel: “I Love OSGi. Now Let’s Change It!” that will host some of the key people in our industry.

This event is targeted at people that have invested in OSGi and want to meet their peers, software architects that need to know more about OSGi, developers that are using OSGi, and business people looking for new opportunities in the software world. So register quickly.

I am looking forward to meet you in London next month!

Peter Kriens

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