Thursday, July 1, 2010

OSGi 2010 Community Event

I've been so busy with the work for the next specifications that I've not spent much time on the next big OSGi event: The OSGi 2010 Community Event in London, September 29-30. And then I was skyped this morning that there is only two weeks left for submitting a presentation! The deadline is July 14, so if you have anything to say about OSGi to the community then you better submit a proposal soon.

I am looking forward to this event because there is so much happening in the enterprise space, and not to forget the residential space. For the next core release we are preparing a massive number of APIs that should be (almost?) stabilized at that time. But there is also much work going on in the Residential EG and the Enterprise EG. We are working on a massive set of specifications: generics for the framework, standardized shell, byte code weaving, coordinator, thread based standard io, object conversion, object formatting, simplified and more powerful handling of configuration data, classpath scanning, parametrized services (a service factory model), blueprint update that provides configuration admin API as well as as name-spaces, generic capabilities and requirements model, nested frameworks, virtual bundles, and then some tuning of existing APIs. It is almost scary so much is in the pipeline.

So I am pretty sure there will be lots of news and exciting stuff to talk about in September, both from the Alliance and its members. However, we are also really focused on experience reports. Any technology requires a solid foundation in the community and experience reports provide feedback for the directions that the OSGi should take. So please do not hesitate to submit your experiences or (wild?) ideas. From technology to business models.

You can submit at our submission system.

Peter Kriens


  1. Just to let you know that you linked to the https version of that page which prompts for authentication.


  2. Thanks! I already had fixed it in the mean time.