Friday, February 26, 2010

Three weeks to OSGi DevCon

Just a reminder, it is only two weeks to OSGi DevCon! We just had OSGi DevCon London and that was a great success. The OSGi DevCon London was organized by JAX and as always it was superbly organized in an excellent hotel. I always like it when the hotel and the conference are together, it increases the chance to get to talk to people. Tuesday night I did not get to my room until 1.30 AM. These on- and offline talks are crucially important to better understand where the OSGi eco system is moving to. Obviously it is interesting to hear what the usual suspects are thinking but these conferences also allow me to hear from the trenches. Sometimes you can correct invalid understandings but often you can learn a lot of the problems people face in software. This year's OSGi DevCon in Santa Clara will be held in the Hyatt hotel, I am already looking forward to have lots of discussions with people visiting the conference.

That said, one should not underestimate the program, we've got a very nice OSGi program this year. On Monday night we'll be introducing OSGi Enterprise R4.2. Tim Diekmann, the Enterprise Expert Group co-chair, will be introducing this seminal piece of work. We'll raffle the first copy of the Enterprise release book, signed by the co-chairs, might one day be a collectors item.

On Thursday we will also have a very interesting workshop on Cloud Computing that is already heavily oversubscribed, looks like a hot topic and I am expecting a very interesting day.

As the Michelin Guide would say: "Worth the trip!" So if you're not registered yet, do it now. Note the discount for OSGi members, just use your OSGi member mailing address.

Hoping to see many of you in Santa Clara!

Peter Kriens

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