Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Simple Module System

To progress the work in JSR 294, BJ Hargrave, Richard Hall and undersigned have submitted a proposal for a simple module system. The purpose of this module system is to simple enough that can be supported both by Jigsaw and OSGi. In reality, this will likely be sufficient for most people. More advanced features, for example some of the special requirements that Jigsaw has with regard to the JDK modularization, can then be supported in a module system specific way.

This proposal is based on the module accessibility keyword, as is the current proposal, and there are no additional visibility rules. Module boundaries are defined by the artifact in which the modules are delivered. Modules can require other modules that must then become completely visible to the requiree.

The approach of finding a common denominator looks very promising. I am looking forward to continue working with the JSR 294 EG to iron out all the details.

Peter Kriens


  1. Yay for common ground. I was scared for a while there.

  2. Good luck with this proposal. It would be nice to have a common ground for the different module systems

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