Monday, October 13, 2008

OSGi BundleFest

This week we are doing a really interesting experiment. We've organized a week of coding around the next release of OSGi. So, this morning (Monday 13/10/2008) we all joined in the Mercure hotel in La Grande Motte (on the Mediterranean coast). Though the weather wasn't too good (we actually got some rain), the temperature is nice, we can work with the glass doors open. And tomorrow looks very nice.

It is kind of hectic for me because we are using a new build based on OSGi. This of course affects everybody so I am running around trying to solve problems. It is amazing how many variations you can have in Eclipse! But it is a fantastic sight to see this very experienced group hacking away at bundles. Though it takes some mental gymnastics to go from a bnd problem, to a RFC 119 property, a new method on Deployment Admin, a network sharing problem, getting the right food for our vegetarian, and a JUnit problem within 10 minutes. But man, it is fun to see the enthusiasm and energy.

One of the key goals is to kick start the different Reference Implementations and Compatibility Test suites. So, today we saw lots of discussions and concentrated faces. It looks like this week is going to be highly productive for OSGi, it is a pity that we miss some really important people!

Peter Kriens

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