Friday, October 20, 2006

OSGi Developer Conference

The OSGi has teamed up with EclipseCon 2007, 5-8 March, Santa Clara California to organize the 2007 OSGi developer conference. This will be the premier conference for OSGi developers to attend in 2007.

We are currently looking for submissions! Long talks, short talks, tutorials, demos, and panels. Please submit a proposal to the Eclipse submissions site in the OSGi track. Proposals will be reviewed by the program committee, where we have a seat.

Some of the submission deadlines are near, please submit your proposal as soon as possible. The submissions must be registered at the EclipseCon Submissions site. Do not forget to register at the OSGi track.

I know there are a large number of interesting projects under way that are heavily using OSGi technologies. If you are working on one of those projects, do not hesitate to submit a proposal, we have quite a few slots.

We have a proposal on the table to add an OSGi user groups meeting at the
end of the conference. We will let you know more soon.

Peter Kriens

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