Friday, June 4, 2010

Bundlefest in Girona!

Next week the OSGi organizes yet another bundlefest in Girona. This time we convene with the Residential Expert Group (REG). The week will start off with a REG meeting and then the remainder will be hacking with bundles for the REG release's compliance test suites and reference implementations. If you were a member, you could have participated in the fun! I am really looking forward to this week because it is a nice group of people to hang out with, the weather looks good in Spain next week, the hotel seems very nicely located, and the residential area is becoming hot again.

There is a surprising amount of activity in the residential area. All the signs are green for this area to finally happen. Many operators are now starting to develop residential gateways. Big projects are happening all over the world, which is now creating more and more interests of vendors. Where we had a hard time selling OSGi in this world a decade ago, today it is more or less a given. Ten years ago the technology was deemed unproven, today that is hard to argue. There are also no real alternatives to the comprehensive execution model that the OSGi provides.

To see how OSGi is solving real problems in gigantic applications running on enterprise servers but also able to hold its own in the embedded world is incredible. As I argued many times before, I do believe we've developed a software model (┬Áservices!) that is surprisingly fundamental. It it is very exciting to be part of this development.

Peter Kriens

P.S. The Enterprise Specification is now available in book form, you can order it now!

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