Wednesday, December 9, 2020

OSGi Core Release 8 is now final and published

The specifications, reference implementations, and compliance tests for OSGi Core Release 8 have been approved as final by the members of the OSGi Alliance as one of the final actions of the OSGi Alliance as we transition the mission to the OSGi Working Group at the Eclipse Foundation.

You can find the online version of the Core Release 8 specification on the OSGi Specification Project Documentation website. A PDF version is also available for download. Javadoc is also available and the artifacts are now available on Maven Central.

As part of the mission transfer to the OSGi Working Group, the work will of course be done in open source projects. So I have recently submitted project proposals at Eclipse to form the OSGi Specification Project and the OSGi Technology Project. The OSGi Specification Project will be responsible for OSGi specification development and evolution and will take direction from the OSGi Working Group as a specification project under the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process. The OSGi Technology Project will host OSGi technology-related (non-specification) projects like the exciting osgi-test project we recently presented at EclipseCon 2020.

One of the immediate results of moving the mission to Eclipse is that we have now made the OSGi git repositories public. Check out the OSGi GitHub organization and, in particular, the OSGi Specification Project Build repository.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to consider joining the OSGi Working Group and get involved in continuing to evolve the OSGi specifications. Your company can join and individuals can also join as well. Work on Compendium Release 8 was well underway in the OSGi Alliance when we started the mission transfer to the OSGi Working Group at the Eclipse Foundation and we will get right back at it once we get the OSGi Working Group and OSGi Specification Project bootstrapped at Eclipse. I hope to see you there!